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i go by the name Kasi.
Im generally a community project person, working with minimal funding and big dreams towards a fundamentally better world. Of course “better” is never for one person to decide, so I work towards community collaboration.
This saw me through Environmental and Social Activism, and the creation and maintenance of a community center, which expanded my skills greatly.
During that time i have worked diverse small jobs to support myself, but qualifications have never been my focus, so now im here.
Next projects are shared public gardens and a “knot rack” for teaching knots and connecting communities who have shared interests, but no bonding spaces, yet!

Work Experience and Skills

-Furniture making and tool usage skills,
-Customer service skills – face to face and cold calling

-Ability to communicate well with assertive people and come to a calm resolution

-Able to speak with people from all life styles and natures
-Selling experience

-Experienced at kitchen hand and sous chef duties


-Money handling and register reconciliation

-Camel ride tourism

-Small team management


-Animals and plants

-Reptile and bird keeping and breeding

-Arborist ground work and climbing, chainsaw maintenance, and workspace safety

-Farming systems

-Community engagement

-Facilitation of group learning


Hobby stuff;

-Camping, exploration, hiking, building temporary housing, knots.

-Fixing damaged goods

-Bicycles, fixing and enjoying.

-Making something out of nothing, putting productive purpose to post-consumer waste.

-Rock and Arb climbing with safety gear.

-Walking in nature.

-Fermenting, food, healthy drinks, alcohol.

-Solar power, set up and management.

-Building with natural resources

-Psychology and philosophy.

-Being a good friend.

-Waste reduction
-Hair dressing

-Mycology, study and growing of mushrooms.

-Gardening, aquaponics, composting, companion planting and seed raising.

-And I really, really want to build a real full tree house!!

Basically, Anything that builds my ability to survive comfortably without using excessive resources or relying on things that are impermanent. I like outdoors, creating something out of nothing and if im learning im happy.


Looking forward to hear from you