Advantage of the Corona Crisis

Advantage of the Corona Crisis, especially for young people.

investing during corona crisis

A lot of us are stuck at home and have more free time due to social distancing.

It’s a perfect time to learn the new skill you always wanted to learn “if you had more time”.

Investing in times of Corona Crisis

Why you should start investing in stocks now:

  1. You have the time to educate yourself on YouTube or on various blogs on different investment options.
  2. The stock markets are at a low point

Why young people should invest in stocks now

 Young people have more time to let the money work for them on the capital market. They can withstand future setbacks on the markets better than pensioners, for example, who want to use their savings to shape their retirement – and therefore prefer to pocket profits promptly. Those who have enough time on their hands do not need to be put off by the current stock market fluctuations. Therefore, it would be particularly useful for younger investors to buy shares or create a

One way or another: In any case, you should only deposit part of the money that you can actually spare for 15 years in a fund.

If you are not quite sure if you should invest now, you could follow the following strategy:

Divide money you can spare for investing in three parts.

Take one third and invest it in the method of your choice. And wait some months with the other parts, for example the second third until the beginning of August and the third part until November, for example. That gives you time to get used to the situation and takes into account a different message of the figures.

Saving money in Corona times

So if you have saved some money not going out for expensive drinks at the bar, not being able to go clubbing or traveling nor buying new clothes for the office or vacations: it is now a good time to use your saved money and learn how to invest properly.

Trade Republic 

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Other investment service provider 

There are different broker and investing platforms to invest in stocks and ETFs or ot create  investment savings plans. All have different advantages and disadvantages and fees.

For example:1822 direkt, Trade Republic

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