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  • Stephen Yeboah

    Smart, reliable and hard worker

    Experience moving helper. Looking forward for offers.

  • Jan Holz

    Professional Moving Services

    The best movers in Munich (and beyond!).  

    All aspects of moving house will be taken care of:

    – packing + loading

    – furniture disassembly/reassembly

    – No Parking Zones (if required)

    – post-move cleaning + painting

    Your items will be in the safest of hands!  Check out for more info 

  • Kati Esser

    #German #Mum #moneysaver

    I’m a German native based in Berlin. I worked as an au pair near London (UK) in 2013 and studied law afterwards.

    Next to my studies I worked as a personal assistant for a financial consultant. I’ve learned a lot about insurances there.

    After my studies I worked as a Legal Associate at a FinTech. 

    Right now I’m on maternity leave. It means a lot of bureaucracy and dealing with the offices.

    I moved three times within Berlin since I’m…

  • Julia Weibel

    open, social, solution oriented

    Hey buddies,

    I´ve been living in Beijing for 2 years and know exactly how confusing a new society and foereign systems can be. I would like to offer you my help and expertise to make your Berlin experience as smooth as it can be. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Manuela Lu


    Hello 🙂 Thank you for checking my profile !After relocating several times in different countries, I started using my experience and language skills helping people as relocation coach (among my clients are foreign employees from big companies), translator (IT/EN/DE/ES)  and personal assistant in Berlin.I’m also providing general support for any bureaucratic need (e.g filling up forms, calling up offices etc..)Do you have any question? Do you need help with any of these matters?Contact ME !

  • purusharth Tiwari

    #Binationalstudent #Polyglot #Languageinstructor

    International Master’s Student for Binational Program between France and Germany, German C1 certified, German documentation, immigration, general query expert, Private tutor for English & German.

  • Ina Bozhilova

    #relocationspecialist #expatsurvivalguide #bureaucracyenthusiast

    Hello! I’m Ina, and I can be your bureaucratic crisis manager!

    I have been living in Berlin for a decade and a half, and a large portion of this time has been spent helping expats find their way through the jungle of Berlin bureaucracy. If you have a problem, I can almost certainly solve it! 

    I am enthusiastic about German bureaucracy, and have helped countless people solve their admin problems. I love working with people, and would love to help…

  • Abeeb

    #Movers #Helper & Garden Maintenance #Electrician

    I am available for any of the moving jobs, garden works with indoor lighting installation

  • Shilpa Vellore Krishnamurthy

    upbeat, approachable,high-achieving

    My Enthusiasm for recruitment can be traced back to my pre-professional days as a member of the interview team at my college campus. I’ve been hiring from the beginning. The justification? I want to get people excited about the stuff that I’m excited about.

  • Lori Borrmann

    Dedicated professional Relocationcoach

    I will support you every step of the way to find a flat, register your address (Anmeldung), making appointments or any other bureaucracy tasks you need help with, as well as translation services in English – German.

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