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  • Shilpa Vellore Krishnamurthy

    upbeat, approachable,high-achieving

    My Enthusiasm for recruitment can be traced back to my pre-professional days as a member of the interview team at my college campus. I’ve been hiring from the beginning. The justification? I want to get people excited about the stuff that I’m excited about.

  • Lori Borrmann

    Dedicated professional Relocationcoach

    I will support you every step of the way to find a flat, register your address (Anmeldung), making appointments or any other bureaucracy tasks you need help with, as well as translation services in English – German.

  • Milan Weyrauch

    contract digital and bureaucracy expert

    I like to help with paperwork. Everything related bureaucracy and administrative issues. I prefer digital processes. Especially I’m experienced with (purchase) contracts, finance/bank accounts, insurances, legal issues and social services.

    In my apprenticeship and my study I learned a lot about purchase contracts and legal issues.

    Currently I work as  sysadmin and take care of various systems of small and medium-sized companies. I like to help with everything related to computer, internet or phone systems.

  • Ineke Broerse

    #Familyrelocation #relocationexpert #Berlin

    Hi, my name is Ineke. I am originally from the Netherlands but after 4 years of living in South America I settled down in Berlin. I live here with my Peruvian husband and our 3 years old son, and I am specialised in helping other Families to settle down in Berlin.

    I speak fluent: Dutch, German, Spanish and English

    #General bureaucratic help like registration#Child care search (KITA)#School search#Relocation packages#Flat search#Interpreting

    I am looking forward to meeting you!

  • Felix Rafael Thoma

    #fast #reliable # efficient

    Thanks to my skillset I will get almost anything done for you 😉

  • Gudrun Maybaum/Holtin

    I am German, lived 25 years in the USA and I am back in Hannover, Germany. Having been an expat myself I understand many situations help friends who speak little or no German to make appointments for all kinds of official places (Buergeramt, Auslaenderbehoerde, etc) and accompany the there too.

    I have experience to help make appointments at the Buergeramt, Auslanederbehoere, Fuehrerscheinbehoerde, to help fill out various applications, and accompany people to the former offices for translation. I am happy to help  English speaker who need a native German speakers help.

  • Sergej Richter


    Hi, tell me about your task. 

  • Madeleine Curro Galicia

    Multitasking, charismatic, professional

    I can help you understand documents, translate your ideas, proofread your articles or be your voice in a live conversation. 

    I am professional, energetic and fast to work.

  • Joris-Johann Lenssen

    Bureaucracy wizard, business setup & consultancy, German native

    I lived myself almost 10 years as an expat and know the hurdles. Back in Germany I help expats to get started in Berlin.

    You need help to setup your own business? Need to navigate the jungle of German bureaucracy Need help with your business plan or just need to get your car registered and insured? I am here to support you with a smile.

  • Simon Outhred

    #Community #Grassroots #Exploritive

    Hey!i go by the name Kasi.Im generally a community project person, working with minimal funding and big dreams towards a fundamentally better world. Of course “better” is never for one person to decide, so I work towards community collaboration.This saw me through Environmental and Social Activism, and the creation and maintenance of a community center, which expanded my skills greatly.During that time i have worked diverse small jobs to support myself, but qualifications have never been my focus, so now…

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