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  • Lori Borrmann

    Dedicated professional Relocationcoach

    I will support you every step of the way to find a flat, register your address (Anmeldung), making appointments or any other bureaucracy tasks you need help with, as well as translation services in English – German.

  • Milan

    contract digital and bureaucracy expert

    I like to help with paperwork. Everything related bureaucracy and administrative issues. I prefer digital processes.

    Especially I’m experienced with (purchase) contracts, finance/bank accounts, insurances, legal issues and social services. In my apprenticeship and my study I learned a lot about purchase contracts and legal issues.

    I have the qualification as industrial management assistant. I also did an extra course in commercial English.

    Additionally I like to help with everything related to computer, internet…

  • Ineke Broerse

    #Familyrelocation #relocationexpert #Berlin

    Hi, my name is Ineke. I am originally from the Netherlands but after 4 years of living in South America I settled down in Berlin. I live here with my Peruvian husband and our 3 years old son, and I am specialised in helping other Families to settle down in Berlin.

    I speak fluent: Dutch, German, Spanish and English

    #General bureaucratic help like registration#Child care search (KITA)#School search#Relocation packages#Flat search#Interpreting

    I am looking forward to meeting you!

  • Felix Rafael Thoma

    #fast #reliable # efficient

    Thanks to my skillset I will get almost anything done for you 😉

  • Gudrun Maybaum/Holtin

    I am German, lived 25 years in the USA and I am back in Hannover, Germany. Having been an expat myself I understand many situations help friends who speak little or no German to make appointments for all kinds of official places (Buergeramt, Auslaenderbehoerde, etc) and accompany the there too.

    I have experience to help make appointments at the Buergeramt, Auslanederbehoere, Fuehrerscheinbehoerde, to help fill out various applications, and accompany people to the former offices for translation. I am happy to help  English speaker who need a native German speakers help.

  • Sergej Richter


    Hi, tell me about your task. 

  • Madeleine Curro Galicia

    Multitasking, charismatic, professional

    I can help you understand documents, translate your ideas, proofread your articles or be your voice in a live conversation. 

    I am professional, energetic and fast to work.

  • Simon Outhred

    #Community #Grassroots #Exploritive

    Hey!i go by the name Kasi.Im generally a community project person, working with minimal funding and big dreams towards a fundamentally better world. Of course “better” is never for one person to decide, so I work towards community collaboration.This saw me through Environmental and Social Activism, and the creation and maintenance of a community center, which expanded my skills greatly.During that time i have worked diverse small jobs to support myself, but qualifications have never been my focus, so now…

  • Madalina L.

    #housesearch #relocation #moving

    Professional relocation consultant and self-initiated expat, based in Munich, with 10 years experience. My specialties are: 

    – house search;

    – real estate investments in Munich and across Germany;

    – kindergarten/school search;

    – immigration;

    – bureaucracy (KVR registration, bank account opening, Finanzamt tax class changes & others);

    – registration with utilitaty providers.

    I have a well established network of landlords, real estate agents and positive working relationship with lawyers, accountants, banks, KVR. My communication relies on transparency and honesty. My work…

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