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  • Jakob Pomeranzev

    bureaucracy expert, translator and interpreter

    Born and raised in Canada, I first came to Germany in 2014. Little did I know, I would stay in this country despite all of the bureaucratic difficulties and troubles, having lived and studied in 4 different cities: Heidelberg, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin.

    I have 6 years of experience with German bureaucracy and would be delighted to help you as well. I can give you advice and find solutions on just about everything regarding relocation or legal hurdles as well as…

  • Victoria Messer

    #relocator #helpful #funny

    Life Hacks for Berlin Bureaucracy

    Securing Temporary Apartment

    Opening a Bank Account

    Collecting Tax ID

    Work Permit and Residence Permit

    Home Search (For employed people only)!

  • Dominika Biela

    #translation #interpreter

    Translation and accompanying  to various offices in BErlin.

    Languages: English, Dutch, polish and German

  • Sigrid Arteaga Marquard

    #ougoing #multicultural #bridgebuilder

    Been in this city for more than 8 years and even though I´m still learning, I can read the “fine print” on the german culture by now.

    How to really settle in Berlin, where to eat, buy. How and where to meet people. Basically, a crash course into settling into your new life in Berlin is what I can offer.

  • Magdalena Dindorf

    #individuell #flexible #tolerant

    Hi … *** 

    Im a very openminded, flexibel & tolerant Girl, Born in Poland, Living since 30 years in Berlin now, grown up in a multicultural enviorenment, worked in different Jobs, volounteering for many Charity Organisations, now running my own small Buisness in Music, Artists, Event Management, Promotion & Lifestyle … I have studied Buisness Law, Art History, Event Management & will soon start study Art Therapy & alternative Healing Methods … I have contacts & friendships with People from…

  • Marie-Joelle Heenen

    Hilfsbereit # offen # humorvoll

    Hallo Sucher,

    Ich würde dir sowieso gerne helfen …

    Ich bin offen für alles.

    Ich bin 33 Jahre alt, eine deutsche Frau und lebe in der Nähe von Düsseldorf. Ich komme aus Hilden. 

    Ich spreche Deutsch (Muttersprache). Spanisch und Englisch.

  • Freja Stein

    #helpful #reliable #getstuffdone

    After eight years living in Berlin and six years working as a translator, I know how Germany works. My name is Freja Stein. I studied German language in Denmark, but just applied for a degree in law in Germany. I know how confusing and stressfull it can be to deal with the german bureaucracy, difficult it is to fill out forms or even just to find out where you are supposed to go, when you need to get something done.

  • Hugo Chamorro

    #professional #accurate #socialskills

  • Mohamed Aboobacker Iqbal

    #trust #friendly #committed



    #driven #focused #result-oriented

    Hello, I’m Grazi, a friendly & reliable professional with extensive international exposure offering a range of services to help and support: 

    Job Seeker Visa holders from India and Latin America in your first steps in Berlin. 

    Also, I offer services to small businesses whether it’s designing marketing collateral such as flyers, posters, ebooks and so on…or social media management, you can…

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