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There are many sim card provider in Germany with different coverages around Germany. When you are traveling to Europe from a non EU country, it is essential to get a sim card with internet. Ideally, once you arrive, you could get a post paid sim card which is bound by a contract (1-2 years min). But, in the first few months, you can buy a temporary sim card (travel sim or a prepaid one) from the providers below. 

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Travsim offers 2 options: Sim card for the European Union including Switzerland and a Data Sim card for Europe.

Delivery Time if you order online

2 – 5 working days inside the EU, 3 – 10 working days worldwide
  • You will get a British number, but you can use it in EU without roaming charges
  • Chat, call, SMS, Social Media, Games, Email possibilities
  • Suitable for all phones, Smartphones, Tablets, Ipads, Iphones, UMTS-Sticks, Laptops, Any device with a SIM slot All SIM Types available
Pricing starts from 11 euros

Option 1: 2GB internet + 3000 minutes + 5000 texts – 30 days
Option 2: 3GB internet – 60 days
Option 3: 5GB internet + 3000 minutes + 5000 texts – 30 days
Option 4: 12GB internet + 3000 minutes + 5000 texts – 30 days
Option 5: 12GB internet – 60 days
If you just require a sim card with only internet, you can compare the options here. 

Freenet mobile offers various prepaid and postpaid options which you can choose.


(FLAT means unlimited) This option has unlimited free calling and sms and several internet (LTE) options starting from 2GB to 8GB. You can either have a contract for 24 months which starts from 9.99 euros ( always check the final cost, sometimes it might be higher than the costs shown). But, you can terminate the contract only with a 3 month notice period. The same option is also available as monthly plan in which you terminate the contract with just 14 days notice period.

Such contract based options are better if you are staying in Germany for a long time as a student or working professional.


This option is cheaper compared to ALL NET FLAT but, with restricted minutes, costs for SMS and less internet options. Again, you can buy this with a contract for 24 months, or choose the monthly option which can be terminated with 14 days notice period.


1und1 offers various postpaid options for a comparatively lower price for 1st year 

All options have a FLAT calling and messaging option


Option 1: 2GB internet – 9.99€/month in 1st year and 19.99€ in 2nd year

Option 1: 10GB internet – 14.99€/month in 1st year and 24.99€ in 2nd year

Option 1: 15GB internet – 19.99€/month in 1st year and 29.99€ in 2nd year

Option 1: 20GB internet – 24.99€/month in 1st year and 34.99€ in 2nd year
You can also order a smart phone which comes with a free sim card when you choose for a monthly installment plan

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