What is Untermeite/Zwischenmeite

Know about sublet in Germany (Untermeite)

Watch the entire video series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dgK1DhiFok&t=15s
If you are looking for guides related to apartment search, we have created several guides and also videos on some topics which might be helpful for you. The guides are a part of our initiative called Hellodeutschland. Check out the site, signup and view them in your user dashboard.
As a newcomer, finding an accommodation might be a difficult task, hence we have created the platform MyHelpBuddy where you can get help from locals to find you an accommodation (temporary or permanent) or assist you in the process like writing applications in German, pre visiting apartments, communicating with landlord, contract explanation and more. Just share a request for free in the platform if you need such support! 
If you are an student or expat looking for accommodation, bureaucratic help, writing letters in German, filling forms, assistance by a Dolmetscher/Interpreter for visits, job center or any office, translating your CV, cover letter, etc. check out our platform here and share your request. You will be connected to our Buddies who are native speakers and locals. They know the processes, your language and are willing to assist you within hours.  
If you are willing to help others in these aspects and earn money flexibly, then join us as a Buddy here.


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